Top 10: Reasons to Climb with other Women

I thought it fitting to kick off the Climb like A Girl Blog by encouraging women to climb with each other. I want to be clear; we love climbing with our male counterparts too. But there is nothing like the strength and stoke that a group of women brings to the sport. So here it is:

The Top 10 Reasons to Climb with other Women.
  1.  Girl Beta. Maybe it’s the extra flexibility, the height, a reliance on footwork, or maybe we are just extra crafty – but ladies come up with the most fun and creative solutions!
  2. The positive and supportive vibes. Ever notice how we all gravitate towards climbers that have their try hard on, just so we can quietly (or not so quietly) cheer them on. Everyone there wants to see you send your project, no matter the grade.
  3. You can wear whatever you like and no one cares. It doesn’t matter if you want to climb in a sports bra and short shorts (without anyone staring), or an old pair of pajama bottoms with more holes than a sieve… just maybe ask before you post a pic for the whole world to see.
  4. You can scream like a howler monkey, or channel your inner Maria Sharapova. If it helps you send, all the power to you.  We also accept silence.  It really is a come as you are atmosphere.
  5. Forgot your chalk, hair tie, sports bra, lunch, (pretty much anything you can think of) at home? No problem, If you forget something, it is likely someone has you covered. Just don’t forget your shoes, those are a little more size specific.
  6. Motivation, not competition. The excuses fade away when you see someone who climbs like you crush your problem. Beyond cracking the beta, sometimes we just need to see that it can be done.
  7. You can talk about whatever you want without embarrassment. Poop is a for some reason a surprisingly popular subject on trips.  But nothing is out of bounds. Nothing.
  8. You’ll encourage others. Especially those who are new or returning to the sport. We all have our own local girl crusher crushes. There is a good chance that you already are, or will be someone’s at some point.
  9. When people see a bunch of women climbing instead of a scattered few, it’s harder to forget or ignore that we may want different things than our male counterparts. As a group/community, our needs are more likely to be be addressed.
  10. It’s FUN!

Until next time ladies, Climb On!




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