Plastic Weekly’s look into SheSets; a female route setting movement

Here at Climb Like a Girl we like to see (and hear about) women participating at all levels and roles in the rock climbing community.  That’s why when I listened to Plastic Weekly’s podcast focusing on women in a setting role, I immediately wanted to share it with all of you.


Even though at least half the climbing population is female, many roles are still predominantly filled by men.  Setting is certainly one of them.  In this episode host Tyler Norton interviews the inspiring, and knowledgeable female industry leaders that made SheSets (the first ever female route setting symposium) happen.  Have a LISTEN of their take on why there are so few female setters, brainstorm how to influence change, and discuss what it takes to become a great setter {Spoiler; you don’t have to be the strongest climber in your gym}.

via Ep. 12 – Making Better Setters: SheSets Symposium — Plastic Weekly


– Steph


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