FullSizeRenderClimb Like a Girl

It started as a Facebook group, and now is expanding into an online community of lady crushers.  Climb Like A Girl was created to build a supportive community for women of all ages and abilities to explore all things climbing.  Our mission is to inspire and empower women to push beyond their perceived limitations, and have a  whole lot of fun while doing it.  We encourage women to climb with other women, not exclusively, but as a way to include and motivate each other.

This blog was created in the hopes of capturing the many voices and perspectives of the women’s climbing community.  If you have a topic you’d like to have covered, or better yet an original piece you’d like to share; CONTACT US.  We think Climb Like a Girl will mean different things for each and everyone of you, and encourage everyone to influence the site so that it best represents you.

As the site is brand new, expect changes in the early phases.  As most of the early contributors are more comfortable 30+ feet up than in front of a keyboard; this a learning experience for us.  At this point we can (and will) promise regular and consistent content, and enthusiasm  for all things girly and climbing.  If you have an suggestions, we are all ears.

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