Climb Time in Europe!

This week Sue T returns to the Climb Like A Girl Blog to tell us about a great opportunity for those looking to climb abroad – and maybe don’t know where to start.

Hey Ladies!!!  Just sharing a great opportunity to climb in Europe with the guiding group Rockbusters.  I’ve been on 3 of their trips (Czech Republic, Germany, and Spain), and I’m headed back this summer for more.  Beautiful locations, incredible climbing, and great coaching.  They even have a trip this spring with Adam Ondra doing some workshops!!!  Even better, there are ladies only trips throughout the year, some of them coached by Daila Ojeda:  WOW. ZA.  The trips are affordable (there are always deals coming up on their site), there is ZERO ego, and you will leave climbing stronger than when you started 🙂

Check them out at

A couple of questions  you may have:

Q. I just started climbing, or I’ve never climbed outdoors.  Is this trip right for me?

A. Yup.  Beginners are really successful on these trips! You can get as much or as little guidance as you want.  During my Spain trip someone who had never climbed outside learned how to lead!

Q. I climb harder stuff.  Will I get on some hard things?

A. Yes.  Go on with your bad self. You will be challenged.

Q.Will I smell like armpits because I won’t be able to shower?

A. I was able to shower and clean my tits, pits, and girlie bits everday on the three parts of the trip I was on.  Another gal I met did the Italy trip and I heard that she bathed in an Italian river (amazing) which I was disappointed to hear is not, in fact, made from gelato.  She absolutely loved it.

Q. I hate sleeping in tents.  Any other options?

A. On some legs you will to sleep in fart domes (tents) but on some trips there are other options.  In the Czech Republic we stayed in a house.  I shared a room with 2 amazing gals and a hot Frenchman (tres delicieux) but there were 10 of us on this tour total.  In Spain 7 climbers shared an entire refuge. Wine EVERY night.

Good safe climbing fun! I highly recommend climbing with Rockbusters!  If you want any more advice or info DM me on IG @bushwhacker_sue or at



So, I want to know…

Laughs and our first ever GIVEAWAY!

We here are at Climb Like A Girl know that our audience has lots of great stories, and we want to hear them!  To encourage some sharing we are running a small giveaway.  We will be keeping it light and looking for some laughs, on that note feel free to tell stories about ‘a friend’, and don’t use names, unless it is your own.  See details below on how to enter.  `

So to get the ball rolling…

It was a pretty chilly day to be climbing in Kentucky; maybe about 8 degrees.  The sun had yet to hit the wall of the crag we were at and the rock was so cold your hands would ache on climbs.

We met a small group of young climbers from various parts of the States and we became fast crag friends– chatting, offering beta, and cheering each other on.  At one point a girl who was part of the States crew disappeared for a pee and returned a few minutes later from around the corner of the wall holding her chalk bag straight out in front of her.

It looked like she was offering it to us. She was breaking a smile and her expression said something strangely proud like, “So guess what I just effing did!?” Likely, in the haste to pull down her pants and harness to prevent her lady parts from catching a chill, her chalk bag must have dangled its way under the stream and… she pissed right in it!

She was simultaneously embarrassed and gratified with this feat and we were all totally awe-struck with the precision of this accident. We laughed, maybe applauded, and for the rest of the day no send on the wall even compared to this accomplishment.

To this day I think about her when I’m making potty in the bush. You should too: ensure that your bag is out of harm’s way so that your essential chalk does not end up turning into pee-dough. Life lesson folks, life lesson.

-Sue T

Actual bag of pee!

So, what’s the funniest or most bonehead thing you’ve seen at the gym or crag?

There are three ways to participate in our little giveaway:

1) through the sharing of your story in the comments below

2) share the post via  Facebook and add your story with the hashtag #climblikeagirlgiveaway

3) share your story and picture via Instagram with the hashtag #climblikeagirlgiveaway.  Must be a resident of Canada or the United States.  The winner will be chosen at random, and contacted at contest’s end June 13, 2016.  No restrictions on story lengths.

giveaway 1
Our giveaway prizes.  Just in case you forget the lesson learned above and need a new chalk bag!  We are adding in some Flashed liquid chalk and Metolius super chalk (not pictured).