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There are so many amazing women in the climbing community and we want to hear from them.  We have our regular crew of contributors, and will be bringing in guests, but we also encourage our readers to submit the ideas, stories, and blogposts that inspire you.   We cannot guarantee that every submission will be published, but we will try our best to work with you to have your voice heard.  Please Contact Us for submissions.



The Regulars

Hi I am Steph, and I amIMG_1042 a professional – rock climber.  No, nobody pays me to climb.  I am just a regular chalk dusted keener that balances my borderline addiction to the sport with a full swing career in health.  I hope ‘Climb Like a Girl’ will mean different things to different people.  For me it represents the unique combination of strength, grace, and humility women and girls bring to climbing.  It also captures what life was like before we as women ‘grew up’ and learned to be cautious, self conscious, or just take things too seriously.  When our main criteria on whether to do something or not – was fun – and everything else was/is just details.

Stephanie began climbing regularly in 2013 after moving to the GTA. While her original goals of meeting new people and being active still apply, she now has a true passion and appreciation for climbing itself.


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Hey, my name is Liz and I’m here to tell you about the dangers of rock climbing.  Sure, it can be entertaining to climb up and fall off that 12ft wall with the plastic shapes bolted onto it – you might even get to the top a few times! Your friends might suggest you come outside with them to the local crag – what a fun idea!  Soon, you’re going to the crag every weekend, and you’re looking into buying your own rope and crashpad.  Maybe you’ll even get yourself a dog. And then, before you know it, you’re a poor, sunburnt, bum, with callused hands living out of a camper van in the Walmart parking lot.  Welcome to the climbing life.

Liz Maffett has been living the climbing life since 2009. She works as a routesetter and coach at Climber’s Rock, and is also the Ontario tech rep for La Sportiva and Metolius.  She likes cheap wine, and expensive bourbon.  She hates beta spray.  She’s a vegetarian, but she showers often, even while living out of her car with her 4-legged partner in crime.


jtibsMy name is Jaime.  It’s been 4 years since I started climbing. Sometimes I top rope, sometimes I boulder.  And when I’m feeling a bit sassy I’ll even lead a route or two.
I began climbing as a grown up.  A proper grown up with a husband and kids and all that other fun stuff.  It’s been a means of focusing my attention and energy that at times often feels like it’s going every direction at once.  I’m incredibly grateful for my regular climbing partner- my husband, and my new friends at the gym who are super fun to hang out with.
Some days I crush, some days I don’t, and that’s ok with me.



Stay tuned, we have a few more ladies we can’t wait to introduce to you!